Who I am

Hello my name is Greg Osborne I’m a Graphic Designer based in Galway. I have over thirteen years experience in the area of graphic design. I possess a BTEC ND in Graphics and Packaging and also a BA and BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. Recently I took some time out to complete a MA in Professional Design Practice.  The ethos of my company is “design is for everybody," I fulfil this mantra by working not only for clients that pay but also for charities, on a pro-bono basis. I am also a registered member of the Teachers Council of Ireland. During the academic year, I teach an evening course in brand creation to small businesses. I have always been creative; from an early age my father, who made bespoke furniture, would often take me into his workshop, showing me the various processes and tools. The attention to detail that he used in designing furniture is a skill that I have picked up, and applied in my design work. When I'm  not designing, I can often be seen pounding the pavements early in the morning before work. Although I was once mistaken for an Olympic athlete, I don't  feel I will make the Olympics anytime soon.


What I do

I specialise in creating brand identities, providing brand consultancy and service design for companies and organisations. My goal is to provide a design solution that is appropriate for the client and their company. A strong brand communicates effectively the fundamental qualities of a product or service of a company or organisation. Design plays a key role in creating, and building brands. Design needs to be at the forefront of decisions made regarding products and services. Design distinguishes and incorporates the intangibles, emotions, context and attributes of the brand that matter most to the customer.

The ongoing process of any well established business is branding, which is a disciplined process, that is harnessed to create awareness and extend customer loyalty. Central to any established company is their identity or brand identity. An effective brand identity presents a consistent presence to your customers, that will over time create an instantly recognisable brand and foster brand loyalty. What underpins a successful branding project is the core idea, to which all behaviours, actions and communications are aligned.

A brand strategy is the framework for the implementation of a company or organisations values and culture. The strategy must resonate with all stakeholders, such as customers and employees. 
The information provided here only serves to present a general overview of the branding process.
The process will vary for each company, based on their values and outlined goals. 
All companies have a brand whether they are aware of it or not, thus making a brand identity project an essential component for longevity and growth for the company. In collaboration with the client my service will provide a brand identity and strategy that is appropriate and in line with the vision of the company.