Stand back I'm a Designer!

Hi there guy's, just came across this article on the reworking of Everton FC crest. Just like the rebrand of the Californian college, the name alludes me, there seems to be another public vote on the design of a mark. As a designer what is most concerning is why non-designers are having the say on a re- brand. Design is subjective by nature, and leaving the final decision in hands of someone who's evaluation of it is "I just don't like it", is I feel undermining the profession of the designer. In time fans will get used to a crest. I can remember when Arsenal changed their crest, there was a dislike to it straight away. This soon changed when when the team started winning championships. It seems that the In-house team of designers buckled to public pressure. If all the objectives set out in the design brief then a project should be deemed success.