How simple is your business

Simple. That word can give a customer a sense of relief, particularly customers that use services. The Oxford dictionary defines simple as:
Easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.  
Providing your customers with a simple experience when using your service or buying your product can be easier said than done.There are many factors at play here to achieve a simple experience. One of the main elements in achieving these simple interactions is the environment. Creating the environment to achieve simplicity is one of the key factors. Now, these environments are either physical, i.e a shop or non-physical such a website.
Now if you think about your business whether it's a small cake store or a large chain of stores. There is a journey that the user or customer goes on to acquire your services or product. 

If you sit down to think about all these interactions from end to end then you can trim things down in terms of steps needed to make a purchase.  Businesses can gain from creating the  environment where they can gain  insightful information about how people find the experience of using their product or service. If something is not simple then it can be hard/complex and this can create frustration for users. 

How your brand identity can help!

Wrapped up in this service is the brand. The product, service or organisation with a personality. I have mentioned this last but not because it is of lesser importance, far from it. Your brand and its identity and how it is managed, are fundamental to a simple experience. A brand's visual identity needs to be uncluttered and simple in form and not complex or cluttered. These simple interactions with clean and simple visuals are some of the key parts to a company such as Apple, some of the reasons why they are successful. Remember guys,  
It Keep it simple!