So you have taken the leap and formed a new business or start-up, or you may want to rejuvenate your existing company.  First thing I would like to say is well done for making the change, and you have made another good move in coming here to get you company logo designed.
As you know logos are everywhere, some good, and some very bad. 
The ones that stand out are the most simplest in form, and are used consistently.


A logo mark is probably the first interaction a customer will have with your SME or start-up, so its a crucial to make a good first impression. First impressions are vital in the life of a start-up. 
A start-up may only get a limited time to impress a VC; so good design in all its manifestations is crucial in these moments. Even if you are not aware of it, your unconscious  brain will form a first impression of a logo based on shape, colour and overall form. In this process, it is the more simple logos that get remembered, anything complex can be very hard to recall, and may create confusion. Think of all the logos you know, I would say they are all very simple in form, and easy to remember. Consistency is closely linked to trust. If your logo mark is simple in form and used consistently, your business will make a good impression in the minds of your customers, and build trust.


After you have made contact, I will arrange a meeting to discuss the project and available budgets. Also in the meeting I will give a short keynote presentation on logo design best practice. The keynote creates a mutual understanding between the SME or Start-up and myself of what logos are, and how to use them consistently. After the meeting has finished I will email you a questionnaire. The questionnaire will give me a better sense of the brands that you like, and your competitors, also your design tastes. Pick up the phone, and we can get started on creating wonderful brand experiences for your customers.

Wet your appetite with this short video on logo design!

The Art of Logo Design: http://youtu.be/x3jTSB2ez-g