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Effective branding creates an emotional connection between you and your customers. As humans, most of our decisions are based on an emotion. What we see, touch, and feel, has a huge bearing on what we buy, and how we interact with a brand/businesses, large or small. If a business uses branding consistently, it can improve brand loyalty and the bottom line. 

The content of the workshop covers these subjects:

·       UX Design 

·       Print Production

·       Colour Theory 

·       Graphic Design

·       Logo Design 

·       Layout 

·       Web Design 

·       Service Design 

·       Brand Definition 

·       Branding 

·       Packaging

Don’t be daunted by the subjects I promise that you will only ever be getting the basics of each subject. You’ll  get just enough information to take back to your business to make some effective changes and create wonderful experiences in your business. 

Check out the short introductory video to give you a flavour of the workshop. You’ll also find out what free stuff I’m giving away. 


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