What is the price of the services you offer?
There is no set price for each project, I listen to the client and then evaluate each project based on the needs and wants of every client. 

What will I receive?
Again this will depend on the scope of the project, however in-terms of say a logo project you will  
receive logo files, logo guidelines and a keynote presentation.

What is the duration of a project?
The duration of a project is dictated by the scope of the work, but more then often I would need for a brand identity project 3-6 weeks. For most projects I would advise at least 3 weeks.

Is all the work done by you?
Being a sole trader I take care of each element of a brand identity project, such as guidelines, logo guidelines, logo, stationary and website. If a project needs elements that I can not provide, I will seek out solutions to give the client the best possible outcome.

What will a brand identity project do for my business?
Investment in design for your business will be transformative, particularly in a brand identity project. 
Research conducted by the UK Design Council has established that, small businesses that invest in design out preform those that don't by 40%. They have also established that for every £1 a small business invest in design, they will see a return of £4.