Ok, so you are looking for a change, well change is good. I believe that a change can give a business a new sense of purpose and open up other markets for your products and services.  A brand identity consists of all the visual and non-visual elements of a brand. What do you mean by visual and non-visual I hear you say?
Think about your identity, you wear a certain type of clothing, walk and talk a certain way and may like a particular colour.  These are some of the elements that make up your identity. Now if we look at a brand we can also see and experience their identities, such as the blue of facebook or the tone of voice of Innocent smoothies. All these elements are unique to each brand. If you having a consistent identity for your SME, you create a good impression of your business, in the minds of your customers. If you are a start-up, having an identity is a crucial part of your MVP. Early adopters will not only buy your product or service, they will buy into your culture as well. 


Well, what happens with any project is a meeting is arranged. This gives me a chance to get an overall view of the company, or a company you would like to start.
After the meeting, I will email you a questionnaire to find out about elements of other brands you like and dislike, and the main elements of your business or business ideas. I love what I do, and I love it even more when clients see the benefits of a unique and consistent brand identity. For me, it's about helping you understand how design can help your business or start-up grow. Design hasn't done Apple any harm over the years, and it is implemented at every level of the company. Below is a link to a short video emphasising how much design plays a role in our lives, and how important it is for SME's.

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Design for SMEs: