Welcome to the Service Design section of the site; what is Service Design I hear you say. There are many definitions of what SD is, but how I define it is "The application of design process to improve the customer experience of businesses and organisations."  A service design project will analyse all elements of a businesses service, such as the journey of the customer and the interactions along the way. An example of a customer journey would be booking a flight online. The first point is the motivation for booking a flight. This flight could be a business trip, family holiday or honeymoon. The next part is the actual flight booking. The customer then continues to the airport, checks in, and gets on the plane, and then travels to the accommodation. This example is very simplistic; there are many elements to be analysed from a SD point of view. One of the most fundamental parts of a SD project is the formulation of the user persona. User personas are detailed profiles of your customer's. This profile often contains: name, age, D.O.B and educational background, and likes or dislikes. This process will help you understand how your product or service fits into your customers journey.


Understanding your users and customers is a fundamental part of any business. Being able to generate a user persona will mean that you are then able to cater your product and service to fit the user and customer needs. The main focus is to create a consistent brand experience at each touch-point. SD is not just for big companies / brands; it can be used to great effect in the SME sector. There is a service journey with all products or services you use. An example of this is your local Salon, Barber, or local bakery; there is an end to end point.


Each SD project is different and has to be designed  to meet the business needs.
The first part of a SD project is a consultation, this is a chance for me to get an overview of the business and all the touch-points along the customer journey. A project brief is then formulated in collaboration with the client / you. The brief will outline the scope, and key milestones of the project. 
Improving your customer experience will give your SME or start-up a competitive advantage.

Call now for a consultation, and we can get the journey started, it will be great fun:), until then check this video out: Service design video