Welcome to the Service Design section of the site. What is Service Design I hear you say. There are many definitions of what SD is, but how I define it is "The application of design process to improve the customer experience of businesses and organisations. All businesses or organisations have a service; from a Butcher to Baker or your local Estate agent. All have users or customers.
All of them take part in or use the service,
of which there is a start middle and end.

As we both know customers are the lifeblood of any business. Wouldn’t it be great to get a birds eye view of your business and your customers journey to buying and using your products and services. If you have say a high street shop then small changes to the shopping experience inside the shop can make a huge difference. You may be able to bring some of your businesses processes online. This could give you and your staff time to create new products and services or even take that staff weekend away.

I created a short introduction video to give a sense of what Service Design is. 


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