Ok,so you are looking for a change, maybe it’s a re-fresh of your old identity or your starting from scratch; well change is good, and you’ve come to the right place to help you make that change.
I believe that a change can give a business a new sense of purpose and open up new markets for your products and services.  

A brand identity consists of all the visual and non-visual elements of a brand. What do you mean by visual and non-visual I hear you say? If you think about your own identity, you wear a certain type of clothing, walk and talk a certain way and may like a particular colour. These are all parts of your personal identity. Think about your family history, and some of the little customs that you may have. All these are elements that make up your identity and culture.

We can imagine will work closely with you to create a unique identity that you will be able to use for all your branding needs. And you’ll look really cool too.
There’s a short video here to help with explaining what brand identity is and also some of examples of brand identity at work.
I promise its really short!


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A well designed experience on you website can work wonders for a business. A site is more then often the first interaction that a person will have with your brand. We can imagine will create a Square Space website that is easy to use with lovely simple interactions that reflect your brands personality. Part of the web design process is informing the client about design, particularly web design. This is done to give you a basic understanding of the key elements of web design. What you receive is a well-designed responsive site that reflects what best about your brand. I’m looking forward to working with you.

I’ve put together a short introduction just to give you a brief overview of the web design process. I promise it’s a good watch! 



A logo mark is probably the first visual element a customer will see, so it’s crucial to make a good first impression. Its these first impressions that are vital to any business or organisation. If you were to stop and take a look around you, you would probably see multiple logos in your field of view. It might be the Apple or Samsung logos on your phone or the Nike logo on your clothes. All of the logos mentioned are simple and work across multiple areas. I think its only when you have to get a logo designed for your business or organisation that you can then see the importance of good logo design.

In the case of a start-up you may only get a limited amount of time to impress a VC, so good design in all its manifestations is crucial in these moments. Our brains will form an impression of a company based on its visual elements such as the logo. The simpler in form the logo is, the easier it is to remember and keep consistent across print and web media. So if your ready to create a lovely logo mark for your business or start-up or breath new life into your current logo, then Id love to hear from your. 

Below is a short video here on how important logos are to a business. 



Welcome to the Service Design section of the site. What is Service Design I hear you say. There are many definitions of what SD is, but how I define it is "The application of design process to improve the customer experience of businesses and organisations. All businesses or organisations have a service; from a Butcher to Baker or your local Estate agent. All have users or customers.
All of them take part in or use the service,
of which there is a start middle and end.

As we both know customers are the lifeblood of any business. Wouldn’t it be great to get a birds eye view of your business and your customers journey to buying and using your products and services. If you have say a high street shop then small changes to the shopping experience inside the shop can make a huge difference. You may be able to bring some of your businesses processes online. This could give you and your staff time to create new products and services or even take that staff weekend away.

I created a short introduction video to give a sense of what Service Design is. 


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Sometimes its great to just have a chat to a brand consultant about your brand. The Brand Consultant service from We can imagine can help you outline areas for improvement with your business. You may not need to create a new brand identity for your business. Each project is different and what is involved in each project can vary. You just might need to make some adjustments to your current one.

If you have a current brand identity that you feel is just not resonating with your customers, staff or you, then We can imagine can work with you to provide a branding Audit. An audit will look at all the elements of your brand identity such as: stationary, website, interior and exterior signage and give you a breakdown on areas for improvement.

I have a lovely short video below which is an introduction to the Brand consultancy service.
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Effective branding creates an emotional connection between you and your customers. As humans, most of our decisions are based on an emotion. What we see, touch, and feel, has a huge bearing on what we buy, and how we interact with a brand / businesses, large or small. If a business uses branding consistently, it can improve brand loyalty and the bottom line. 

The content of the workshop covers these subjects:

·       UX Design 

·       Print production

·       Colour Theory 

·       Graphic Design

·       Logo Design 

·       Layout 

·       Web design 

·       Service Design 

·       Brand definition 

·       Branding 

·       Packaging

Don’t be daunted by the subjects I promise that you will only ever be getting the basics of each subject. You’ll  get just enough information to take back to your business to make some cool changes and create wonderful experiences in your business. 

Check out the short introductory video to give you a flavour of the workshop. You’ll also find out what free stuff I’m giving away. 


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