Athenry Gospel Centre Logo Mark

Athenry Gospel Centre are a Christian Church based in Athenry County Galway Ireland. The Church wanted to create an Logo that reflected its vibrancy and the medieval look and feel of the town of Athenry. 

The town of Athenry is one of the best-preserved walled medieval towns in Ireland. The town is known as the 'ford of the kings' and during medieval times the town was surrounded by a number of battlements / towers. Some of these battlements still exist today. Athenry was the scene of some fierce battles in the twelfth and thirteenth century, some of which are relieved, in the annual Walled Town Festival. We can imagine also conducted research into early Christianity, to look for common elements that could be combined with the town of Athenry and the personality of the Gospel Centre.

The solution for the Church takes inspiration from  
the very distinctive horizontal shapes created by the battlements/ towers. The gaps in the battlements called  'crenesl' were used as a reference to create the top to Jesuses cross, with the other three gaps created to complete the four points of the cross of Jesus The final solution is a clean simple mark that gives references to both the town of Athenry and the Gospel Centre. The mark is accompanied by a lovely contemporary typeface, that has a nice approachable look and feels to. Back to Portfolio page.