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Like your own personal identity your brand's identity is really important. We can imagine will create all the visual and non visual elements that you will need for your business such
as: packaging, logo, shop signage, stationary and a lovely set of style guides to keep all that stuff looking consistent.

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Create a great experience for your customers with a Squarespace website. We can imagine we will develop a responsive site that will enhance your brand's presence online. Along the journey of creating your site you’ll learn a thing or two about design, and I promise it won't be like your back at school. You will get a responsive site that just works. No more pinching your iPhone screen to try and read the content of a website. We can imagine puts good design and the User at the forefront when designing sites.

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So you have taken the leap and formed a new business or start-up and now you need a professional logo to become the visual focal point of your product or service.  A logo package from We can imagine will provide you with a custom made logo, and a set of guidelines to keep the most important part of your visual identity looking consistent everywhere.

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If you're like me, then you get really frustrated when you experience a service that isn’t great. Chances are that particular service did not think about the customer or user journey and the interactions involved. Service design looks at all this stuff and puts the user first. If you want to create a great experience for your customers send me over an email and we can have a chat and coffee.

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I love talking to people a little too much sometimes. You will usually find me at a networking event yapping on about how important design and branding is for your business, I’m passionate about the whole thing. Well, how can branding and design benefit your business? With the Brand Consultancy service from We can imagine you’ll find out that what I’m yapping about can make a big difference in your brand. A brand consultancy project will help you get an understanding of how you can improve elements such as your visual identity i.e. your website, stationary, packaging, interior and exterior signage. There is so much. Contact We can imagine for a cup of coffee and a chat about your brand.  

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Are you at a stage where you have an idea for a product or service and you just don’t know how to brand it? Maybe you are already trading but you find there just isn’t any consistency with your marketing material?

A Branding and Design workshop from We can imagine will be a fantastic help to you. Like me, I’m sure your time is extremely valuable. To allow for this I have split the workshop into easy to use downloadable sections. Each of which you can work through at your own pace. You will learn how to be more innovative in your business by using design processes. Some of the activities in the workshop are: generating your brand values, creating customer journeys and customer profiles.

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"Design can save the world"

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