Athenry Gospel Centre Website

We can imagine was commissioned to re-design the website for the Athenry gospel center based in the town of Athenry in the west of Ireland. The gospel centre had a website, but know that a more modern and responsive solution was needed


Like all projects, the first point was to get the client to understand the area of web design and what is good practice. This is achieved by showing the client a one hour Keynote on web design. After the presentation, we set about forming some project goals that would be used as a benchmark for the project. 
One of the key parts to any design project in getting an understanding of who will use the site. For this, we developed five user personas that would help us when making decisions on elements of the site. After this phase the other key part was the site structure. What would go on each page and how would we structure the information? One of the final parts of the research was to analyse other church sites to get an understanding of whats out there in terms of visual and written content.

After the key parts of the research phase were concluded it was time then for the project brief. The brief outlined all the key parts of the project i.e milestones, deliverables, navigation, and project goals.

It is key for any web project to start wire framing on paper first and then move onto Sketch. These wireframe phases are slotted into low, medium and high.  Low to medium wireframes give the client the chance to see where all the elements of the site go together and all the possible interactions that could happen on the website. 

The final solution is a responsive site that shows the fun and open personality of the Church. The Squarespace CMS was used as the platform for the website. The churches brand identity is used effectively on each page of the website.The imagery used gives a sense of fun and the multicultural atmosphere of the church. Back to Portfolio page