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Startup with design!

don't think Skynet is going to take over anytime soon. And I don't think you have to worry if your name is John Conner, but these advances in Artificially intelligence are really moving fast. The tech report highlights many areas of design and related areas. One section of the reports stated that 88% of Designers surveyed believed that it will be at least 5 years before visual Designers are replaced.

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The importance of branding guidelines for your business

Have you ever received a set of broachers back from the Printer only for your heart to skip a beat because they were just not what you asked for? You thought that what you had articulated to the guy or girl in the print shop was enough to get the branded broachers that you were after. This is a scenario that happens often where time and money are wasted because the Designer in the print shop had no reference to work from, nothing to spark inspiration, no visual identity to work from. 

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