Lampróg Theatre Logo Design. 


Lamprog Theatre, formerly County Limerick Youth Theatre contacted.
We can imagine, to create a new logo mark with guidelines. The theatre was established in 1996 to provide a space and service for young people interested in drama and theatre. Over the years there has been confusion between Lamprog and another theatre group in the same locality. 
This confusion and the need for expansion were the catalysts for the re-brand.  

The theatre had recently been through a series of workshops to formulate a new brand name and short, medium and long-term vision for the theatre.  
The Irish word "Lampróg" means Firefly. The first task for We can imagine was to gather the information from the workshops and gain an understanding of the theatre organisation. The main guiding factor from the creative brief was to create a logo mark that was rooted in the theatre and drama with an air of excellence. The mark also had to be adaptable to other areas, giving Lampró a platform for growth. Lampróg will expand their brand identity into other areas such as education and community outreach programs. 


The final solution takes its inspiration from the flickers of light that the Fireflies create. These circles of light flow wonderfully through the forest creating a great spectacle. This flow of light circles is shown in final logotype. These circles have a wonderful sense of freedom that is shown in their dispersion throughout the theatre's visual identity. The secondary and tertiary logo marks help Lampróg to expand their visual identity in other areas, keeping consistency at all times.    Back to Portfolio page