Airbnb re-brand

Airbnb revealed their new logo, and I most say my first impression was that it seemed well implement aesthetically pleasing. The marque is a significant improvement on the original. And to be honest I quite like the end user interaction regarding the logo. The amount of research conducted by the Design studio was huge. In the case study, you could see just how much effort went into the branding project. 

As a Designer I am well aware of how the process of designing a logo can be extremely arduous, all the more reason the social media backlash is not warranted. It's as if people feel there was a genuine attempt to copy Automation Anywhere's logo, or the various others that have popped up. This seems to be common place with a large number of new identity  releases. Everybody is a design critic these days,"not." 

It is not apparent to what extent Design studio did their research regarding the logos originality, but I'm sure it was thorough.
The bigger question here is how hard as designers do we have to work to achieve originality.