The cost of readymade logos!

Hi guys. Here is a interesting section of a website that highlights the benefits of good logo design process. As a business owner, when you are formulating your business plan, trademarking your logo should be top priority. If your company has plans to expand / export its goods and services, a unique and original logo is even more important.
Just think of this scenario, you take the option of getting your logo from one of hundreds of cheap logo website; your business is doing well, you have built up a strong customer base over a number of years. You then want to expand your business in other countries, and after launching your brand in that particular county you get a solicitors letter through your door. This letter informs you that your logo is infringing on another company / brands logo / trademark. 


Now picture this, you have opened that shop what ever it may be, you have got exterior and interior signage done, menus, business cards, website, uniforms, pens pencils, signage for vans; the list goes on. This all has to be re-done, you have to go back to the drawing board with your logo, “literally” and start again. All that brand equity that you have built is gone, your company is now just an imitation of something else. What consumers look for most depending on the sector, is trust, and this type of scenario would not be good for you brand image.
Now this all happened from a few clicks on a website, and cost the company a significant amount of money, but not only that, it will take time to build up that image again. 

So the takeaway here is invest in design; particularly logo design, and you’ll be able to Know that your brand / logo is unique.