A video of Paula Scher's Identity for the New School, does it work?

This is an interesting talk about the new identity created for the The New School in New York. Opinions have been divided  in the design community about the successfulness of this identity. The identity was created by Paula Scher and her team at Pentagram.  As with most identity projects of this size, the research was extensive, and spread across many teams and departments. My own opinion about this, the word mark, is that it's interesting, I neither like or dislike it. There are certain elements of the typography that seem to jump out as needing to be corrected .e.g the “W" and the overhang of the “T” but maybe with time it will grow on me :) 
But as Designers we know that design by it's very nature is subjective, "not everybody likes Marmite.” When you see the logo in amongst other institution’s logos, it does stand out, and most certainly is different. 
This identity does push the boundaries, and whether you like it or not, the boundary has been pushed. Is that not what branding and design is about?