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Athenry Gospel Centre Logo Mark


Athenry Gospel Centre are a Christian Church based in Athenry County Galway Ireland. The Church wanted to create an identity that reflected its vibrancy and the medieval look and feel of the town of Athenry. 

The town of Athenry is one of the best-preserved walled medieval towns in Ireland. The town is known as the 'ford of the kings' and during medieval times the town was surrounded by a number of battlements / towers. Some of these battlements still exist today. Athenry was the scene of some fierce battles in the twelfth and thirteenth century, some of which are relieved, in the annual Walled Town Festival. We can imagine also conducted research into early Christianity, to look for common elements that could be combined with the town of Athenry and the personality of the Gospel Centre.

The solution for the Church takes inspiration from  
the very distinctive horizontal shapes created by the battlements/ towers. The gaps in the battlements called  'crenesl' were used as a reference to create the top to Jesuses cross, with the other three gaps created to complete the four points of the cross of Jesus The final solution is a clean simple mark that gives references to both the town of Athenry and the Gospel Centre. The mark is accompanied by a lovely contemporary typeface, that has a nice approachable look and feels to 

Cookie & Crumb Logo Mark


Cookie & Crumb are a limerick based food business that provides cookie mix ingredients in a jar. The cookie mix comes in a range of sizes, flavours and seasonal themes. The food business was looking for a design company to design a unique logo mark that would encapsulate their brand's identity.

As with all logo design projects the research, phase started with an extensive review of other brands in the cookie mix space, and how they presented themselves. The research focused on the visual presence of the competitors both online and offline, looking for good examples of design consistency. After the research phase, a number of mind maps were created to establish what the brand personality was of
Cookie & Crumb and what emotion needed to be conveyed.

After the research phase, and the mind maps, the next phase was the creation of mood boards. These mood boards would create a visual reference for the logo project. The final mood board conveyed a sense of indulgence and fun. One of the images on the final mood board was the pouring of chocolate into a bowl. 
This image was seen as a good example of indulgence, and a possible  starting point of the ampersand for the logo mark. The final mark represents both an ampersand and chocolate indulgence. The mark is then housed inside two c's that  represent Cookie & Crumb. The logo is then matched with the Melbourne typeface, adding to the overall look and feel that was envisioned. 


Simply Baby Clothing Company Logo Mark


We can imagine was commissioned to create a new logo mark for the online child clothing store ‘Simply baby’.  The company wanted to expand to other market areas with new products.

From the start it was agreed upon that something simple and easily recognisable was needed. The starting point for the project cantered around words that were associated with babies and young children. From this mood boards were formulated to visualise: style, colour and form.

The client had two young children that have a fondness penguins and polar bears. This was a great angle to pursue and tied in well with the clients business. The final solution has a lovely simple feel to it, with the penguin mark resembling a ‘s’. In the sketching phase of the project the idea of using both the polar bear and penguin in the final mark was explored. After extensive exploration of the penguin and polar bear as one unit it was felt the penguin on it own would work best. An image of a baby penguin was used as a reference point to create the mark. The typeface chosen to accompany the mark was Bariol, designed by Spanish studio Atipo.

PROJECT: Promotional material for the company

Recently I purchased a custom made wax seal with the company logo on it. This seal was used on bespoke envelopes. These envelopes were made by GF Smith, a fantastic paper company from the UK. These envelopes contain booklets that provide an in-depth view of the brand identity and brand consultancy service that my company provides. The envelopes were posted out to possible clients that were interested in the services. Each envelope is in C6 format, the standard size that holds the A6 booklets. The wooden case was made for me so that I could place some of the stationary in the cardboard insert, which I cut from strips of cardboard.

PROJECT: Identity system for Vclaas

For this project I was commissioned to design a logo for a start-up company that specialise in virtual learning. The virtual learning is provided to businesses and learning institutions. The project aim was to provide an effective logo for the Vclaas company that is unique and adaptable for the future growth of the brans. After some extensive research and concept development an appropriate solution was formulated. The solution combines the colon and forward slashes of a website URL, an owl, and the earth. The owl represents wisdom, which ties in with one of the core values of the company. The URL elements when combined with the key features of the owl, (the eyes) creates a unique mark. These are all housed in a circle to represent the World Wide Web. 


PROJECT: Promotional poster for the company. 

This A2 poster was designed using a column grid, and a grid based on the golden section
 (The relationship between to numbers on the fibonacci sequence). The triangle in the poster is a reference to my company mark. The information in the poster states some of the benefits of implementing design within a business. The font's used were DIN Schrift LT 1451,  Engschrift LT Alternate and Avenir light. >



PROJECT: Old Identity for the business

This is the identity for my freelance graphic design service. The logo is clean and works well across all print media. The business cards have a spot gloss on the logo front and back. This gives the logo a subtle and distinctive feel. The logo was given  a bit of a urban feel with some of the promotional images at the end, which I felt worked well. 


PROJECT: Identity for stamp collecting organisatio.

This was a logo project for a non profit philatelic organisation based in Ireland. The organisation requested an effective identity that would give a fresh and contemporary look to their organisation.
The logo is inline with their core values and creates a platform for further growth.


PROECT: Identity for AMS

Ams are a molecular diagnostics company based in Ireland. They have an extensive national and international client base. The series of dots represents the three founding members of the company.
The dots are arranged in ascending fashion, representing innovation. The logo and stationary provided, creates a platform for any future expansion of the company.

PROJECT: Identity for Realife Productions 

This is a  logo I completed for a small film production company in Connemara. The logo needed to be strong and work well across all print media and the mark had to make reference to film production in some way. After much revision the final mark was that of a person hands used as a viewfinder. The final logo works well with a unique and original mark. The type is purposely missing the letter L, this is because I wanted the viewer to interact with the logo. They know the letter is missing but the text is still legible with out the letter, thus producing a more memorable logo.